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:bulletorange: Don't forget the 33,333 kiriban (if any of you are interested, I'll probably post a proper journal about that later).:bulletorange:

Well at this point I've got one more exam to go. So instead of revising forensic psych, I'm off doing other unrelated things and making other less than stellar life decisions.

This was unabashedly taken from :iconoly-rrr:, I've been seriously tempted to try this for quite a bit actually, so why not :shrug:
1: What’s your OC’s biggest insecurity and how would they react if someone pointed it out to them?
2: If your OC wants to buy a firearm, what it might be for?
3: Does your OC behave differently around different people, if so with whom and how?
4: Would your OC want to involve themselves in humanitarian work ? If yes, then for what? If not, then why not?
5: How would your OC generally react to someone being verbally abusive towards them for no apparent reason?
6: Does your OC have a realistic image of their own intelligence?
7: Does your OC have any irrational phobias?
8: How is/was your OC’s relationship with their parents?
9: Does your OC feel a pressure to achieve or are they content and calm with doing what they can at the moment?
10: Does your OC guard their emotions by being tough? If not how would they?
11: How would your OC react to hearing they’re adopted?
12: What is one of the most primary things your OC feels that is missing from their life?
13: What kind of situations does your OC avoid the most?
14: If your OC gets into a fight with their best friend, would they wait for their friend to make up with them, or would they try to make up with their friend?
15: Does your OC consider themselves a good person?
16: Is your OC good at giving others validation of their feelings and making them feel understood?
17: Does your OC suffer of any mental health issues?
18: What kind of intrapersonal values does your OC have? (values about their self, what makes them feel like a valid person)
19: What boosts your OC’s confidence the most?
20: Does your OC hurt others often unintentionally? If yes, how?
21: Does your OC hurt others often intentionally? If yes, how?
22: How does your OC usually show affection? Are they openly romantic or more restricted with their affectionate emotions?
23: Does your OC tend to hide something about their personality/essence when meeting new people? If yes, what?
24: How would your OC react if they got humiliated by someone in a group of people?
25: How would your OC process the grief caused by the death of a loved one?
26: What is the most intense thing your OC has been battling with?
27: Does your OC practise any kind of escapism? If yes, what kind?
28: How would your OC react if a bully stole their lunch money in high school?
29: How does your OC behave on the face of a conflict?
30: What makes your OC defensive quickest?



:bulletred: :bulletred: Please pay mind to the banners (yes, there is two and this note, as one didn't seem enough to some people). You seriously do not need to thank me nor feel the need to promote yourself. I do appreciate the thought of it greatly and if I were interested I would've done something already. Do have a nice day :bulletred: :bulletred:

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SunChief Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Thank you for the favourite! :) (Smile) 
Sleyf Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Congratulations for winning this round of the CEPs at :iconthought-up:, as is tradition, you have been awarded a mini feature, and some points!

(This time around you don't have to suggest a new prompt, it's the end of the year, the prompts can have a micro-nap - unless you have an OC Dare in mind and would like to suggest that)
ExplosiveCoffee Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Thanks! I really appreciate it :D

Lol, 'micro-nap'. Yeah, I can't really think one for that. Though a dare just hit me, 'what sort of reality show would your OC participate in (or be forced into doing)'.
Sleyf Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my, that's a good one!  Any extras that should be added?

"Your OCs have been selected to participate in a TV REALITY SHOW.  Perhaps they've been forced to share a house, made to eat offensive animal body parts, or be hurled into the wilderness, naked and afraid (that is a show by the way lol, I can believe anyone would enter or indeed watch) - but anyway - something like that!'

I'd throw mine into "Man Tracker" - that guy who tracks them on horseback and hunts them like animals lol, I know who would survive by tossing everyone else in his wake as distraction...not sure if that is really a reality show though!
ExplosiveCoffee Featured By Owner 23 hours ago
I think your description's great as it generally is. You've got quite the knack of making it sound much more interesting, lol.

It's rather unfortunate that I actually know about Naked and Afraid (next to Dating's up with doing these things in the nude anyway?). If I recall correctly that show had NO financial reward for participation, that's even worse. I mean at least Fear Factor had cash at the end of the disgusting tunnel.

Lol, throwing distractions is a legit and ingenious plan. Though I wouldn't put past people to come up with shows like that.  I'm still trying to figure out what sort of nonsense to throw. The Amazing Race's is one of the shortlisted few, and that's considering I don't watch enough reality shows. Time for research (and proceeds to hate humanity for it)! :dummy:
vesssel Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Thanks for the fave! Feel free to check out my Facebook page for more art. :D
chryssv Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Hi there!! Thank you for adding my work to your favourites! :)

If you're interested in my art, feel free to check my Facebook page for wips, sketches and videos!  ^^ 
Matakoura Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2015

Thank you for your favourite! If you have time, would you mind commenting and telling me what you liked about my picture? It would mean a lot!

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Entropician Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2015  Professional General Artist
ok ok,  I have read...but it's my first time so just for this time...thanks for the favs, very kind :P, have a good day bye!:)
wayleri Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for the fave! :hugs: It really means a lot to me!
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